Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 10–Away in a Manger

Day 10 in Susan’s photo challenge is “Away in a manger”. 

This little manger set was in a box of odds and ends Christmas decorations I purchased at a household auction the first year we were married.  I bought the box for the lights and didn’t realize it was at the bottom until I got home.

It’s a chintzy little ivory colored plastic set with gold embossing but I love it!  Not because of the look but because of the memories.  Since it was plastic, when the boys were little they could play with it which they did.  Baby Jesus almost always turned up missing at some point during the holidays but we always found him back. Smile


The cool thing now is to watch the Grandkids play with it.   All this enjoyment for a dollar at a household auction!


  1. I love this...our first nativity set isn't anything fancy but I still have it and feel a special attachment because of the memories associated with it too.

  2. How adorable that now the grands get in on the action to! Absolutely priceless--and so much better than my freaking out every time the kids come within 50 ft of my mom's set ;)

  3. That is such a priceless purchase for so many hours of joy and memories. Thanks for sharing. The link is up! Y-A-Y! Blessings, SusanD

  4. My daughter was just commenting the other day about playing with the nativity at Grandma's. You are giving them such great memories.