Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 11–Ribbons & Bows

Today is Day 11 of Susan’s 25 day photo challenge and it’s supposed to be a photo of Ribbons & Bows.

Well, since I have nothing wrapped yet, the location to put them under when they are wrapped will have to do.

Day 3 was “The Christmas Tree” which I didn’t have up at that point so I’ll share it now.

The last few years we haven’t put a big tree up.  We have been gone over Christmas which pushed our family Christmas to Thanksgiving weekend, so I just never got that far into the decorating.  As a child growing up we always had a real tree.  We kept that tradition up with our boys until they got older and too busy to help with or care about cutting down a tree for Christmas.  About ten years ago I bought an artificial tree for those same reasons.  I don’t know what I was thinking!  You can remove the girl from the traditions but you can’t take the traditions out of the girl!

This year, we decided it was time for a real tree again, so DH (so NOT Mr. Christmas), agreed to go along for the ride, so to speak. 

Today was a beautiful day to be out wandering around a tree farm it was!  Notice, no snow on the ground for us yet.  I, for one, am perfectly happy with that!


Putting on a happy face for me…


instead of his typical Ebenezer look.


This is really why I brought him along. Somebody has to do the dirty and lay on the ground to work the saw.  Shhh!  don’t tell him tho. Smile All joking aside, it was a great time together.


and hours later, presenting Christmas Tree 2011.

IMG_8669 with effect


  1. I agree with the others. That tree is picture perfect. I love sitting and just enjoying a lit tree. I never went outside yesterday, but it did look like a beautiful day. Have a great week!

  2. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! I love a real tree, but the hubs does not like the mess it creates. So we have a fake one. The happy sad "saw" faces are very creative and funny. Thank you for sharing. The link is up for Day 11. Have a great week. Blessings, SusanD

  3. That tree would put anyone (even Ebenezer) in the Christmas spirit. You're right, a real tree adds a lot with smell and reality. I just don't like dragging the dry, shedding one out to the curb. Ours isn't real, but it looks real and it's 9 feet tall. I burn a candle to supply the smell :D. I always have a hard time wrapping gifts, though I used to love to do it. I had let the girls do it 'when they lived here'! If I let it pile up, I struggle to make myself do that. I need little elves!