Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 22–Holiday Greetings

Today is Day 22 of Susan’s 25 pictures of Christmas photo challenge and the subject is Holiday Greetings.

Don’t you just love this time of year when you can go to the mailbox and see something other than bills and almost on a daily basis?

I love receiving Christmas cards, especially the photograph kind.  I even like getting the “brag letters”.  Honestly, most of the ones we get aren’t braggy at all but just an update of what’s going on in their life so I enjoy reading them.

After we read them, I put mine in a little tin Merry Christmas bucket on our kitchen island so I can look at them and re-look at them as Christmas gets closer.

Day 22

In our old house, we had archways that went between the kitchen and dining room and the dining room and living room so I used to tape them to the archways.  When you receive Christmas cards do you display them in any way?  or do you just store them away?  Do you keep them from year to year or dispose[gasp] of them after Christmas is over?


  1. I love Christmas cards too Lori and I save them with my Christmas wrapping paper until the next year when I reread them and then toss them. I saved back a few favorites this year to try a tutorial I saw on making little boxes from them. Maybe I'll do that today! Blessings, marlene

  2. I love them too. What a cute little display : )

  3. I used to love to tape them in the doorways as you do. Unfortunately the few I receive anymore can be displayed on the bathroom mirror. I don't think it's just the cost, I think people just don't see the point anymore and that's sad. Next year I plan to request addresses for my blogging friends and send them each a homemade card!
    Please remind me of that in June :D

  4. I love your Merry Christmas bucket that holds all your greetings. Mine are displayed on the end table next to my spot on the sofa. Sadly, we've only received four this year. People just don't seem to send them like they used to. Me included. I might have to remedy that. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD