Saturday, April 2, 2011


Miss A and Mr. O came to see me at work yesterday while Mommy had a baby doctor appointment.  Two more weeks to go and we get to meet Miss Ella!

The kids were so good.  They played and colored while Mom was gone and I worked.  Mr. O colored a bit but mostly played with his cars.

Love this face!  And look at those beautiful blue eyes.  Oh, be still my Grandma’s heart!  Plus he looks so much like his Daddy did at that age, it’s déjà vu.


This kids cracks me up.  He comes out with some of the funniest things and his expressions are a riot.  A co-worker was in my office and when they left they said “Bye Lori”.  Mr. O puts his hands on his hips and says “that’s not Lori, that’s my Grandma!”. 

Miss A got a special treat today while she was visiting.  Just down the hall from my office is the Cosmetology Department so she had a manicure.   
IMG_6211You can’t see them real well, but those little nails are a very pretty glittery deep pink thanks to Amy, one of our Cosmo students. It’s fun to see Miss A and her dolls.  After having three boys, it’s quite a switch for me.  You can see she and her doll Ellie had matching outfits today.
You can tell our grands receive a lot of love at home from Mommy and Daddy as they are both very affectionate, loving children.  Out of the blue, they’ll say “Grandma, I love you!”  Oh my goodness, it just warms my heart.  And of course, my response is “What do you want sweetie, Grandma will get it for you.”  Smile


  1. Mr. O is so cute--definitely at that age when everything they say is adorable! And ohhhh, Miss A--what a special treat for her!!! The smile on her face is worth those 50 manicures :)

    How exciting that #3 will be here soon! I bet mom can't wait---seriously, can't wait! Oiy, the last few weeks are the roughest ;)

  2. You truly are blessed with those beautiful little living dolls. It was a treat for them as well. Thanks for sharing pictures today! Have a great weekend!

  3. You gotta love those GRANDS! so cute.

  4. Much cuteness! I love how A & O *light up* when they see you!! :)

  5. Your grands are beautiful! I'm sure you are anxious to meet the next one. They grow up so fast though!

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