Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crystal Lake Rib House

Before we did our pre-wedding scoping, we had a pre-wedding scoping lunch.  Doesn’t everyone do that?

Joe had been telling us about his favorite restaurant, the Crystal Lake Rib House.

Oh be still my BBQ soul!  It was hands down the best BBQ we’ve had on the northern side of these United States.

The place looks a bit dumpy but it’s decent inside.  It only seats 26 at a time.

I had my favorite, the pulled pork sandwich which in no exaggeration was at least 4” tall.  I ate it yesterday, again for supper tonight and still have enough left to take to work for lunch tomorrow.
Joe had the ribs.
and DH had the rib tips.
And as if they weren’t full enough (we all took home doggie bags), the guys decided we needed dessert too!

Look at the size of those pieces!
Their menu says the place is a gift from the God’s of BBQ.  They’ve got that right!

So if you’re ever in the Crystal Lake, IL area you’ve got to stop in and have a bite or two or three or four or until you bust!


  1. Is it really better that Famous Dave's, cause that's only 20 minutes from here. :D And they have fabulous bread pudding with a pecan whiskey sauce. Can't taste the whiskey.

  2. Man, I am such a bbq snob! We'll have to try this one sometime :) I love those surprising off the beaten path kind of places!

  3. I could really mess up my "diet" just thinking about that BBQ. I wish I were there. I know where I would be eating tonight. Now I am hungry....blessings!

  4. We are headed up to see our daughter this weekend and we're always looking for fun new places to eat. This looks to be nearby so might just have to check it out! Thanks for the tip!

  5. hehe "OH be still my BBQ soul"..that cracked me up!! I love me some good bbq too. Looks delish! :)

  6. This just looks too good to be true!!!! Drooling here, for sure!

  7. Pulled pork? Carrot cake? Oh my. I'd eat all of it, every single bite even if it meant gaining a few pounds... That place is so cute! It looks like a place here in the south for heaven sakes.


  8. We had CL Rib House do a pig roast for our Western Wedding back in Sept 2007.... food was awesome as usual!!! Great food, huge portions, and the Owners were wonderful to deal with!

  9. I find it sad that they would not bring my 73 year old mother a birthday treat for desert. I thought all restaurants did this.