Saturday, April 2, 2011

It’s a cupcake kind of day

I’ve been given the task of making cupcakes for our son’s wedding in June.  My plan is to make 4 – 5 different kinds. I’ll need 150 total.

I actually decided to do a trial run on a few new recipes today instead of winging it the day before which is not like me at all.  I’m thankful I did though, as 2 are keepers and 1 completely bombed.

IMG_6220White cupcakes filled with blueberry/strawberry fruit filling and lemon buttercream frosting.


Chocolate cupcakes filled with a Reese’s peanut butter cup and chocolate/peanut butter frosting.IMG_6222


and the bombs… Sad smile  The batter didn’t seem quite right when I was mixing these but I double checked the ingredients and did everything as I should have.  However, they came out of the oven with major sinkholes in the middle.  DH thinks they’ll fine used as an ice cream bowl. Smile 


If anyone has a great recipe for filled cupcake and would be willing to share I would love to give them a try.


  1. Well the winners definitely look like winners!

  2. Your cupcakes look scrumptious! Very smart to have a practice run. I love your DH's "ice cream bowls". Smart guy!

  3. Definetly can't go wrong with chocolate. I have a cookbook of nothing but cupcakes will loo it in the next couple of days and see if there's anything interesting.

  4. I do not have a great recipe to give you, but I know you will have what you need by the time the wedding comes. Someone is going to get some good taste test. Blessings!

  5. I had cupcakes for my wedding cake too. My aunt made them. If I remember, they didn't have anything in them, just white cake, and swirrled buttercream frosting piled on high. Then we sprinkled edible silver glitter on them! Then she made Lance's tractor cake chocolate and my race track was cheesecake. She said it was the easiest wedding cake she had ever done, lol.

  6. Oh I am so impressed. I think they are gorgeous. You have a lot of work ahead of you.

  7. I'll take one of those chocolate ones, with the pb cup. :)

    Yum!! I, too, think your DH is a smart guy for adding ice cream to the sinkholes.

    Good lookin' cuppy cakes. :)

  8. Good golly-150 cupcakes! I can't even begin to ponder this!
    I look forward to the wedding pics! Love wedding shots!
    xo, misha

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