Friday, April 1, 2011

This is so wrong!

Yesterday morning the sunrise was drop dead gorgeous again.


and this morning I looked out the door at work and was greeted by this! 

And THIS, which I can’t even bring myself to call by it’s rightful name because it’s just so very wrong!  It IS a  4-letter word that begins with “S” you know?  Has someone not told the weather that the calendar says it’s Springtime?  Hello?

I can’t wait for this pile of “S” to go away either but alas it’s still there. 
IMG_6203Sorry to Jackie @ Jackie’s Stitches and Patti @ Osage Bluff Quilter who both guessed April 1st.  Also, if I was a betting person, I’d bet Joyce, who picked April 2nd, from and sew on and Patty @ My Mountain Blessings who picked April 3rd are out of the running as well.  Oh, how I wish you were all right on this one.  The pile is getting smaller (notice it’s not on the parking island anymore) albeit veerrrryyyyy sllloooooowwwlllyyyy. 


  1. Darn! I thought for sure that April 1st was a great guess. Who would have thought you'd be having snow. But then again, it's April Fools day. I guess mother nature is showing her crankiness today.

  2. We've had snow all day here today. I am waving the white flag in surrender : )