Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday ride

A couple of weeks ago, we took off for a day ride up into southern Wisconsin. 
Our riding companions for the day, Scott & Teresa.
We dodged a few rain clouds on the way up which altered our original destination but that’s alright because we really didn’t have much of a destination anyway.  Instead of going north, we went more northwest.  That works!  It’s all good when you’re on a motorcycle.  It’s more about the ride than where you’re going.
There are some beautiful rolling hills in Wisconsin
IMG_3673 and nice little farms.
IMG_3687 In the picture above, if you have great eyes and look really close, overtop of the house back in the field is the modern-day counterpart to the old windmill.

We stopped at  Yellowstone Lake to take a break.  It was a cool day so there weren’t many out on the lake.
We saw a fun dragonfly.
IMG_3663 I was surprised he let me get so close and didn’t fly away.
We kept a pretty close eye on the sky as it was forecast to rain more late afternoon.  We saw it clouding up to the northwest and thought we better start heading home although we weren’t in any particular hurry.  The clouds looked to be a ways off yet.  In fact, at one point, we even decided to stop for ice cream.  Isn’t that what bike rides are about?  Lunch and stopping for ice cream?

After we ordered ice cream, the thunder was getting louder, the lightning much closer and the storm looked like it was moving in faster than we had anticipated.  We split paths with our friends at that point and all hightailed it for our respective homes.  We headed south and thought we could beat the weather until we turned towards the east. 

Ruh, roh!  No rain yet and we have ridden through our share of storms but I can truly say this was the worst side wind (including Wyoming winds)and the most we have ever leaned into a wind ever.  I tend to panic a tad faster than DH but he even thought we were going to go over.  We turned south again towards home, 4 miles to go and the trees were literally bending right behind us as we passed. 

We got home, put the bike in the garage and as the garage door was shutting the wind was blowing stuff under the door and the rain started pounding.   That was a little too close for comfort. 
(This was when the storm was building.  I was a little, uh, occupied when it was closer to us)
And the moral of this story is…
when faced with the dilemma of storm clouds versus an ice cream hankering?  

Always, most definitely, always go with the storm clouds! :)


  1. Wow, Lori! You had me on the edge of my rolling chair! I can see your epitaphs now: They just had to have ice cream.
    Seems we've been racing storms alot lately here in the Midwest. Glad you guys are safe and you can blog about "what's in the trailer".
    Whew, that was close!

  2. We drove to Lansing Iowa last friday. We hit one of those sideway storms too. Thank goodness we were in a car though. We turned the radio on in case we had to seak shelter. Winds were predicted up to 70 MPH.

    Saturday we took a boat ride on the Mississippi. We were then in Wisconsin too! We had the grandsons with us for a family reunion.

    Hopefully I will find time this week to blog about it.

    Have a safe dry week!

  3. Isn't it amazing that just crossing the northern border gives such a different layout to the land? We love to see it too. And of course, someone checks out ALL the little farmsteads along the way!

    I can't believe you were out, let alone on the bike, in a storm! Yikes!! Glad you got home just in time!

  4. Yep, when it comes to the wrath that Mother Nature can bestow upon us it's always better the let the ice cream wait and head for the hills as fast as your motorcycle will carry you.

    Glas you made it home safely!


  5. It sounds like a wonderful ride. I have never heard of Yellowstone Lake, but I will have to check into it. It wouldn't be that big of a ride for us. Thanks! Glad you got home in time.

  6. Enjoyed your pictures! What an adventure. We were driving home from NE on Friday and the wind was terrible. We talked about what a hard time the big trucks were having, I can not imagine it on a bike. Scary stuff! Glad you are ok!
    until next time... nel

  7. What beautiful pictures of the countryside...so glad you made it home safe and sound!

  8. Have you ever gone into Iowa on the great river road on your rides. If you can do it right, timewise, Dinner at Breitbach's restaurant in Balltown is a really good thing. Don't forget to try the raspberry pie. Haven't been to or thought about Yellowstone Lake in decades. Dad never worked on Sunday, so we went on day trips between church and evening milking. Yellowstone lake was one of those stops.

  9. Ok, that's pretty scary! Never trust clouds like that - even ice cream isn't worth it. :) blessings, marlene