Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gross or not – I have to share

DISCLAIMER:  If you’re easily offended by bodily function talk, STOP reading now.  Remember I raised three boys, so there aren't too many sounds, functions, etc that I'm uncomfortable talking about. :)

If you’re continuing to read anyway as I know most of you are, just because you’re like that.  I apologize in advance for offending you if I do.

I’ve been dealing with a nasty summer cold which is finally on the upswing.  You know how it goes at the end of a cold, when you can blow and blow your nose but when you breathe in, you can feel more still up there and somehow, you just can’t quite get rid of it?  I know you do, even if you’re too ladylike to admit it.

Anyway today at work, being at the tail end of this cold, I was blowing and blowing my nose because of that exact situation.  My boss who is across the hall from me, yells “Good grief, is everything okay over there?” 

#1 - yes, we do yell across the hall to each other frequently.  I know, real professional, huh?  But hey, it works for us.

#2 – he really wasn’t concerned as much as he was giving me a hard time about it.

Our relationship is pretty relaxed like that.

Anyway, I told him that DH tells me to just do a “farmer blow”.   But I can’t quite bring myself to do it.  For those of you who don’t know what that is…it’s kind of a guy thing when they’re outside…they hold one nostril shut and blow as hard as they can without a tissue or handkerchief.  They basically blow it into the air, on the ground, etc.  Remember, I warned you this post was gross!

So, my boss shares with me, that he didn’t know what a “farmer blow” was until a couple of years ago.  In his defense, he was raised in the Chicago burbs and they called it something else…
a snot rocket!  yes, a snot rocket!

Oh my goodness, I practically fell out of my chair laughing.  I’d never heard that description!  
It does create a much better visual now doesn’t it???

Now, that' I’ve removed any doubt, if there was even a shadow of one remaining before this post, that I’m a hick,
gross-ness over.

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Let me be the FIRST to tell you that you did NOT gross me out, and since we are sharing, let me admit something too. You are not gross, but I have allergy, congestion problems as well, waking up EVERY morning 'plugged up'. My day starts by standing in the shower and when I've been in there long enough for things to be 'moist', I do the farmer blow, only letting go with BOTH nostrils, into the water, and down the drain.

    Hey! Don't knock it until you've tried it. Believe me, it will clear out anything up there (and it saves on Kleenexes too! LOL!)

    Now, do you still want to be my friend? I think we have shared almost everything now! LOL!

    Hey! You started it!

  2. Ha- snot rocket! That's hilarious, but it'll never pass up farmer blow :)

  3. So much junk in the air... once it goes in it's got to come out somewhere. It's a noisy process.


  4. Just stopped by to say hi. Looking for photos of new purchase. Waiting......You guys kill me. I was raised in the south by a mom who never wore britches and I never knew people broke wind in public till I got married. We did everything in a 'ladylike' fashion. We carried hankerchiefs, for goodness sake! I'm not as prissy as my mom was, but I guess I've still got a lot of hangups regarding bodily functions. But you go right on ahead:)

  5. Sorry to say I have the same shower routing as Michelle due to extreme and constant sinus congestion. I've also been known to "farmer blow" on a walk without a tissue...

  6. Oh yes, heard of both of those! Being an allergy afflicted girl myself my best found item has been the "netty pot", can find them at the pharmacy. Works great for clearing out those sinuses. I had an older doctor to cup your hand & put warm water in it w/a couple shakes of salt, close one nostril & suck it up the open one.(works like a netty pot. You definately want to be in the bathroom over the sink b/c it really clears you out. I think Shelly talked about Netty Pots not long ago. Breath easy now.

  7. How funny. I've not heard either term before. I've had some male students do it over the trash can. More than once I've said, "Please use a tissue here at school." They then get 4 or 5 tissues.