Sunday, June 20, 2010

From quilting to bulldozers

A few weeks ago I had a first in the world of quilting.  My friend, Joyce does some beautiful quilts using a paper piecing method.  I mentioned to her that I would like to learn and would she show me sometime.  Another friend had also asked about it so she decided to host a paper piecing night at her home.     There were four of us beginners there and Joyce, our very patient teacher.  She picked a simple (my request) pattern for us to do and sent us a list of supplies to bring.   What a fun night!  I must have been so busy sewing that I forgot to take pictures of the process but here is the end result.
IMG_3586 Isn’t it interesting how fabric choices can make the same pattern look vastly different?  Mine (top right) has a more modern feel.  I loved these fabrics which is new for me as I usually lean more towards country rustic fabrics.  Eventually, it will be a wall hanging in my sewing room.  Eleanor’s (top left) has a very traditional look.  I could see it on a sofa in a living room.  Gwen’s (bottom left) looks so soft, maybe for a bedroom.  Shelly’s (bottom right) just screams summer to me.  I love the fresh fabrics she used.

What does a bulldozer have to do with this you might ask?  Not much really.  DH has been doing some bulldozer work here at the corner.  He came in one night and out of the blue asked if I wanted to run the dozer.  Huh?!?  Me?!?  Honestly,  it was never anything that crossed my mind or was on any bucket list I might have ever had.  But he asked, and it was a beautiful night so what the heck right?  I can’t screw it up too much other than maybe run into the shed.  No worries, I didn’t. 
IMG_3612 It was actually a lot of fun!  Am I or will I ever be proficient at it?  No, uh, probably not, but  it was still fun and look at the cool designs it made in the dirt when I spun around! 
IMG_3618 Now that I could get excited about it!  Wouldn’t that make a great quilting design?!?  I said that exact thing to DH and he just walked away shaking his head.  I guess he wasn’t seein’ it. :)



  1. Men don't get it. Hee hee...

    Cute post!


  2. Only you would spin out a bulldozer the first time driving it!

    I've done one paper piecing project but enjoyed it. It's something I need to do again. I love your block.

  3. Ahhhh...pretty soon he'll be showing off his knowledge of quilting terms, and he will know exactly what you are talking about when you talk quilting. When you are quilter, everything you see can apply to quilting. Am I right?

    Your quilt block is beautiful, and the dozer looks like fun!

  4. Lovely quilting and bulldozing. A woman of many talents. What was in the trailer?

  5. I love your paper piecing blocks. BUT I have a warning: Paper Piecing is addicting! I confess I am hooked. About 95% of my piecing is using paper.
    I've learned to use childrens tracing apaper from hobby Lobby in my printer. It's a life saver!
    Love the bulldozer marks too!

  6. Cool design with the bulldozer! That one might be hard to paper piece...

  7. Your bulldozer tracks would be a great quilting design.