Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sewin' Sunday

I really like this Saturday night church thing. It allows me to sleep in on Sunday mornings. This morning it was 6:30 - woohoo! It's just nice to not have to rush one day a week.

I have barely touched my sewing machine since mid-Spring. Today I was finally able to devote a day to sewing. And my house and I are covered in loose threads to prove it. I sew like I cook - all over the place!

I'm in need of some gifts in the upcoming months and so badly wanted to hand make them. Well, one gift is now almost finished. All I have to do yet is quilt and put the binding on.
It's a Halloween runner that I made completely out of the stash of fabric & scraps I had on hand. I bought the panel which I cut the pumpkin squares from years ago and couldn't ever decide what to do with it. Today I finally cut it up. There are 18 different squares.

There are 5 small pumpkin square panels and two strips of wording from the panel, the rest is pieced.

This is my favorite square.

I also put this bag together this morning. I saw the tutorial on SewMamaSew! and had to try it out. It went together pretty quick.
A few of these would be great to use as grocery bags. Now, before you think I'm getting all "green-like", I just get tired of all the plastic bags. Seriously, how many does a person really need to keep?
The only thing I use them for is the grandkids dirty diapers!
I know, I know, way more information than you needed, right?
Anyway, the bag is great, check out the tutorial.

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  1. Love your table runner...I used that same panel several years ago to do a quick and easy fall quilt.
    I just surrounded the panel with all kinds of "stash fabrics" as long as they were fall colors...some of the prints are kind of strange with the artwork of the designer but I think it looks great.
    Glad you are back to quilting again...sometimes we just need a break