Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back online & putzing

The storm as it starts to come over our house.

After the storm passed us, but was still wreaking havoc on others east of us.
See Suzanne's post of "At Home with a Farmers Wife". I'm not sure exactly where she lives other than east of us in Northern Illinois.

We had a BIG storm come through here Monday night producing straight line winds and tornadoes. You know it's a big, bad storm when the big rooster comes to the basement with Chicken Little.

We were fortunate as we were only out of power for 8 hours. Thankfully, as the storm started approaching Dan thought to fill some buckets with water so we could at least flush the toilet. That's the worst part of being in the country and out of power is not being able to flush. Wouldn't you agree? Is this more information than you want???

Yesterday there were still some without electricity. The power outages were so numerous and widespread, I can't imagine where the electric company even decides where to start. We all complain about our electrical rates from time to time but I sure wouldn't have wanted their job these last couple of days.

We didn't have any damage here at our house but there was lots of wind damage in the area. Jon & Heidi lost part of a big tree, but it missed the house and their vehicles. Praises! Many people have trees down. Dan's been busy helping friends do storm clean-up and he is there again today.

This week is our last four day week at the college so I took the day off to take advantage of one more four day weekend before all the hectic hubbub of school start-up comes at me next week. It's get crazy fast once faculty start coming back. I'm ready for them though. I miss the big galoots! They keep life interesting.

I had no major plans for the day when I asked for it off, but it's been great to just putz around the house. I miss putzing. A friend asked me once to define putzing. I told her it was a feeling of comfort in and of itself with no particular agenda but she still didn't get what I meant. Maybe it's an old German term? My Mom putzed and my sisters putz. Doesn't everyone?

Do you ever "putz"? How would you explain it? Do you do anything in particular while you "putz"? I would love to hear from you.

While putzing this morning, I weeded flower beds, hosed off the deck and the front porch and have been doing laundry. Even though I've been working, it has been so relaxing to work at MY own pace with MY own agenda.

I'm off to putz some more.


  1. Putz! Now that's a word I haven't heard for a long time. It brings back memories. When our kids were young (the oldest one is 48 now), we had the cutest youth pastor who putzed. Never heard the word until we met him. He was from the mid-west. Is that a mid-west word?

  2. Hi Lori, it's good to know you escaped the storm with no damage. I do know the term putzing but it's not one I use. I'm very good at doing it though! Blessings, marlene

  3. wow those are awesome pictures of a very scary storm.

    I went to Suzannes blog to see if I could guess how far east of you she might live. How surprised I was to see myself in one of her pictures on her photo blog. I think we both live close to each other at 9 miles from nowhere.


  4. Putzing usually means moving things (decor) around in my house. I look around and realize sometimes that the same things have been in the same place for months - yuck!