Friday, July 11, 2008

Easily sidetracked

Somedays I can be so easily sidetracked.

My mission this afternoon was to get the bathroom floor mopped and do bookwork(not my favorite job).

Before I got to it, I walked out on the front porch.

To heck with my mission for the afternoon...

I decided today was the day to finish the cushions and pillows for the porch chairs. It's looked shabby and unwelcoming all summer.
Do you ever hit that wall where you can't stand to look at something anymore? or have to do something creative (instead of what you should be doing)? That's where I landed this afternoon.
So, a couple of hours later, the porch looks a whole lot brighter and much more welcoming.

Oh, by the way, the living room is rearranged too. Not that it has even a remote connection to the porch, but I was tired of looking at it as well!

Now, I'm starting the bookwork. Really I am! Oh, wait, I need to mop the bathroom first!

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