Monday, January 17, 2011

Snowy Sunday drive

I have so many posts rumbling around in this head of mine but I haven’t been able to formulate those thoughts into anything understandable yet.  Do you ever have that problem?   Please tell me you do so I can feel a little less thyroidal/menopausal. [sigh]

I’ve got stuff to say but can’t quite spit it out so in the meantime, I’ll share a few pictures from a drive we took with friends yesterday.  

I felt bad for our friends…they were stuck in the back seat of our two door car with only little tiny windows to look out that kept frosting over.  We have long legs and they have short legs so it’s just kind of how it all worked out.  Know what I mean?  Tell me, if you go somewhere with another couple, do you ride one couple in the front seat and one in the back or do you ride men/women up front and the other in the back?  Inquiring minds want to know!


We do have some hills not far from us.  Wouldn’t it be fun to take a sled down that one?



Buffalo in Iowa…who’d of thought?


A couple of ice fishing shantys on the Mississippi River backwaters.   I’ve never understood that whole deal.  How does the heat they put in the shantys to stay warm not melt the ice enough that they fall through.  Can anyone explain that to me? 





  1. Nice pictures. As far as riding goes, most times us 'women folk' ride in the back so we can visit while the 'men folk' visit.

    I hope your thyroidal/menopausal thing clears soon. Mine is the full moon, I think. I'm just wishing for motorcycle weather! I'm pretty sure that would fix several of my problems!

    Have a great week!

  2. It usually depends on who we're riding with. If we're really good friends, men up front, women in back, if I don't know them that well, one couple in front, other in back!

  3. Hey Lori! Thanks for yor comments on my blog. When we ride with someone, I always leave it up to the other lady whether she wants to ride with her husband or not. Lots of times they want to ride near me so they can talk to me seeing as how they can talk to their husbands anytime:D
    My husband is an ice fisherman. I never asked him about the icehut or heaters or anything else about ice fishing. I hate the cold! I make him carry insurance!

  4. It's usually women up front, because we take my Jeep and I drive. His Jeep is a Wrangler and he took the back seat out.
    Now inquiring minds know.

  5. It kind of depends on who the couple is...if they're good friends the men usually ride up front but if they're a casual acquaintance we'd ride as couples. Hey, I might add this question to the Hodgepodge next time : )

    I can't help you with the ice fishing question.

  6. Well it depends on the couple. If it is someone that we know very well the women will ride in the back. If we don't know them well we will sit as a couple. And if we have known them forever...we ride as a couple. Does that make sense??? lol. Love the pics.

  7. Riding depends on who else we're with. It's funny but some couples just want to do the boys in front thing while others don't want to be apart for even that. :) Me, I work either way. blessings, marlene

  8. Beautiful Pics! The riding we do with other couples is done on our motorcycles. Do not have to worry about where to sit. They drive and we drive. Looking forward to warmer cycle weather. Menopausal blurr...I understand completely! Blessings!

  9. I have the longest legs and I always end up riding in the back. Most of the time, I'd rather listen to the "guy talk" than what the other women have to say!

    I talk to myself all the time, and then forget what I said to write in in my blog!

  10. depends on who has long legs..and who has short legs..I'm the one that always ends up in the back...cause I'm short legged...unless I drive...then a long legged person can sit behind me...that is a good question about the fishing shacks...

  11. Ah..."stuck in the back seat of your little two door car" eh? Now I see where the Hodgepodge question came from. Hi Lori. I'm Heidi- also an empty nester, as of this past fall. So, yeah, an empty nester with eyes that are still making their way back down to normal from huge puffs left by rivers of tears. I'm getting used to it, though. Nice to meet you.