Monday, January 31, 2011

The sky is falling!

Well, at least pieces of it are…in the form of snowflakes with many, many more forecasted to come.  I mean, many, many, many more.

Like most of the Midwest, we’re under a blizzard warning starting tomorrow afternoon but let me tell you we just drove home from our son & daughter-in-law’s house where we had dinner and I got a haircut.  And yes, a haircut is important enough to venture out in crappy winter weather.  Anyway, it already wasn’t a whole lot of fun out there.  I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings.

I rather enjoy the thought of a snow day as long as we don’t lose power.  When we have to worry about heat & power, it ceases to be fun.  We used to have a generator but it kind of, sort of was burned up in a friends barn fire this summer, so we’re just praying for no loss of electric.

I’ll keep you posted with further developments.  I know you’re sitting by your computer waiting, aren’t you?


  1. our high is going to be 35 tommorrow morning....then drop to 14...just so darned excited about it...NOT....

  2. Hey Chicken Little. The sky is falling here too. I guess we'll have to see what we actually get. I sure hope it isn't over a foot like they are predicting! Our 'local' radio guy says it's suppose to be worse north and south of us, but we'll see. I guess the total accumulation isn't what is going to matter, it's how much of it gets blown around with the wind they are predicting!

    Take care over there and think warm, happy, Goldwing thoughts!
    Glad you are home, safe and warm.

  3. That's one classy snowman wearing an IH scarf!
    At 6 news they predicted 18 inches of snow, I expect it to go up on the 10 newscast according to their facebook page.
    I'm like you, I just hope we keep electricity, especially since I work for the electric cooperative.
    Stay safe

  4. Blizzards can be fun as long as the heat and power stay on and everyone is safe and snug inside. Do keep us posted. I'm following the weather with you and several others, praying all in the storm's path stay safe and warm.

  5. Sounds serious and cold!!!! Be careful and stay warm! Blessings!