Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun progress

The cosmetic changes are starting to take place on our work project.  You know, the fun stuff!

Drywall texturing and painting are going on.

Workshop cabinets are being installed in the garage. IMG_5586


The half-bath floor tiles are being laid.

And the kitchen floor was started last night with a cool product called Dura-ceramic.  Love the color of these tiles.  The grout color is chocolate. 


I can’t wait to see it tonight after they’ve worked on it all day.  If I can find a place to park, that is.  


I’m back at work.  :(  Spring semester classes start on Monday.


  1. You know, there is this secret part of me that loves to build and redo stuff. If I could only get someone to clean up after me and run to the hardware store! I'd love to learn to do tile. It is just gorgeous. Yall are sure making progress.

  2. Again, Great work! I hope we get to see the finished job. Blessings!