Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keeping me humble…

Wednesday evening I rushed home from work to change clothes and meet a few friends at our house to carpool to a dinner in honor of Judy, a wonderful friend who has been fighting Stage IV breast cancer. 

During the whirlwind tour of my house, DH came home after working over at some land of ours that has a creek running through it.   He called me out to the kitchen to see “what he brought me”.  :/  I walked over to the kitchen sink only to see a crayfish!  Now isn’t that what everyone wants to see in their kitchen sink?

My cousin arrived first and when I stepped out from changing clothes to greet her, I noticed my new little friend was no longer in the sink so I assumed(big mistake) that DH had taken our darling lil Mud-bug outside and disposed of it. 

A few minutes later, Judy arrived as well as our church’s lead pastor’s wife, who incidentally, I did not know was coming to my house and then add in that she had never been to our house.

Now, not that I think the pastor’s wife is a queen or anything like that but as with when anyone new comes to your home, you’d like for your home to be picked up and clean.  Since I was in a hurry when I came home, picked up and clean wasn’t goin’ on.  I dumped all my work materials on the table, threw my coat across the chair, mail everywhere, a cooler and a crayfish bucket on the counter, yada, yada, you get the picture.

I just did an “oh well” shrug to myself as there wasn’t anything I could do about it at that point when all of a sudden my friend says, sounding a little frightened – what is that?  Guess what was laying on my dining room table, on a paper plate nonetheless….

IMG_5143You guessed it …  Mr. MudBug!  The expression on our Pastor’s wife face was priceless.  In addition to the fact that she only had daughters, I would bet in all of her years as a pastors wife and going to different people’s homes, I’ll bet ours was the first one she ever saw a crayfish on the table.  Just keepin’ me humble…..



  1. ahahaha! Was he bait.....or the meal? Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  2. I can just see the look on everyones faces....awesome...

  3. I bet it was refreshing being in a "real" house---it has to be exhausting being a pastor's wife with everyone putting on the perfect for you...don't envy those lovely ladies one bit!!!

    (Loved that story when you texted me-made my night and I really needed a laugh!)

  4. Why do men always want to 'show us' stuff like this? It's in their DNA I think : )

    I have my 'random' up today!

  5. Too funny! A tour of my house would probably include some critters (bugs) who are actually residents. Now we are overrun with spiders! -Tammy

  6. God truly has a sense of humor!!! :)

  7. So did he get on the plate by himself, or did Dan help him there?

  8. That could so have been my house. :) blessings, marlene

  9. I remember having the sunday school class over for supper and DH made the mistake of telling the pastor's wife the NAME of the calf we were eating.