Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Day weekend craziness – Part II

Not like we walked enough over the weekend with setting up for the wedding and reception, we walked with a friend in a local Labor Day parade.

IMG_1597 Our friend Judy who is fighting Stage 4 breast cancer had a CanAm Spyder painted pink and is riding it in local parades and car shows to raise awareness for breast cancer and early detection.  She rode while we walked and passed out goodies.   Most of us who were walking with her are on our Hope for Hooters Relay for Life team.


We passed out hot pink fly swatters that said “Aiming for the Cure.”  Cute!
parade swatter Here I am giving swatters to my grands.  They were only supposed to go to ladies but I made an exception in this case.  :)
parade 1 See that man reaching for one?  I couldn’t believe the grabby, rude people, some literally demanding one.  Of course, me being my wonderful, kind self made darn good and sure that I conveniently didn’t hear or see those particular people. :)


Even DH got in the act as he and his brother carried the banner for her.  I never thought I’d see my husband wearing a hot pink t-shirt.  Amazing!

What a fun weekend!



  1. good for you...too bad some people are so rude...they should be the pink swatters

  2. Love the pink Spyder! I hope she continues to put many thousands of miles on that ride!

    The fly swatters are a cute idea!

  3. I really admire you for doing this. Love the fly swatters!!

  4. You should've used those fly swatters on those rude people, lol.

  5. As a 29 year breast cancer survivor (I was really young, as i"m only 28 and holding now...) I applaud your friend and your efforts for awareness and quest for a cure. May your friend ride that spyder for many years to come.

  6. Much applause! You were the best entry in the gi-hugeic parade!