Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Whadda deal!

I've been a tad absent from here lately but I've been buried under Christmas preparation.  What, you say?  It's not even Thanksgiving yet! 

I get that but the boys, their significant others and families will be converging on our house this weekend and we'll be celebrating our Christmas together on Sunday!   

Why so early, you ask?  It's the only common time amongst all of our schedules we had between now & Christmas.  How sad is that?  But hey, it works and we just go with the flow around here.  The most important thing is to get together not when we do right? 

So anyway, I've been shopping and decorating like a mad woman since we just decided Sunday was the date 2-1/2 weeks ago! 

I love online shopping, I just gotta say.  No stress, no crowds to deal with (therefore no bail money needed  - unfortunately patience doesn't run very deep in me when it comes to dealing with crowds), orders delivered right to my door, how much better does it get than that? 

Speaking of online shopping, check out this deal for Bloggers over at Shutterfly!  If you blog about Shutterfly and their fun gifts, 50 Free Christmas cards can make their way to your door.  How slick and stress free is that???  No bail money needed while shopping for Christmas cards either and aren't photo cards fun to receive?  I'm always excited when they come in the mail.   Just look at these designs.  This one is a favorite of mine or maybe this one.  How can I possibly decide?  

Or wouldn't these mugs be fun to drink your hot chocolate out of during the cold winter months?

How fun would it be to create a photo calendar like this?

The folks at Shutterfly do such an awesome job.  Awhile back we ordered a photo book for a retiree where I work.  The online designing was easy peasy and it came lickety split.  It turned out so cool.  The recipient loved it and it will be something he can always look at and remember. What is that saying?  A picture is worth a thousand words!  

I just have to reiterate, I LOVE online shopping!


  1. I am like you. Crowds make me hide inside myself, and when pressed, I get a little crabby and non-patient too. I also don't like anyone pressing me for a quick decision, so I love online shopping. If I am not sure, I keep the link and maybe I'll go back and buy, and sometimes I won't. If pressed on the spot, I would probably spend more money than I do.

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas this weekend, and before that, a great Thanksgiving.

  2. I love Christmas shopping. I love going to the mall and watching all the people.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving and early Christmas with your family.

    Blessings, SusanD

  3. I don't like crowds as much anymore. We go really early or really late and do some online shopping. It works!

  4. We are to shutterfly what Martha Stewart is to Cuisinart. I can't understand why they haven't sent me a monogramed coffee mug! I agree wholeheartedly with the on line shopping. No messing with the US Post Office, my new gripe!
    Have a great....Christmas and Thanksgiving!

  5. I love making the books, calenders ect on Walgreens.com