Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dogs anyone?

Sunrise IMG_5144


Our sunrises & sunsets have been stunning the last few days but look at the sundog (the small rainbow-looking area to the left of the sun) we saw tonight while we were out for a ride. 


There was one on each side of the sun.  Weather folk lore says a sun dog means rain is on the way.  I wonder what two mean?  lots of  rain?  :)


  1. We saw them too. I've heard it is rain in 24 - 48 hours but Phil says not until Weds or Thursday.

    I think the sunsets lately have been stunning!

  2. Oh Joyce! Don't even say that!!!

    The sunsets have been amazing lately! Cool pics :)

  3. We always say that the weather is going to CHANGE in 3 days. Don't always know what it will be, but it'll be different.