Sunday, May 23, 2010


I used to go to garage sales all the time when the boys were young.  What a great place to buy kids clothes.  Once they got older, I stopped going.  I still enjoy them but haven’t had the time to go in recent years.

A friend of ours from church posted on Facebook (what a great marketing deal that is!) that she was having one and had primitive type antique furniture and little girl clothes.

I’m always up for checking out the furniture even though I really don’t need anything and after talking with my daughter-in-law and hearing my granddaughter needed clothes for this winter, I thought I’d would stop by.  She lives about 40 miles from me but I was going to be in her area anyway plus she was kind enough to let me stop early so I didn’t have to wait around for it to start.

This is what I all ended up with…

Quite the haul for winter little girl clothes, some of it new with tags on.  I love those little green boots.  I wish they came in my size.  However, I doubt they would look as cute in a women's size 12!   After having three boys, it sure is fun to buy for a girl.
Twelve Christmas plates still in the boxes.  Very classic..white with a silver rim and a silver snowflake in the middle.  According to the box they came from Target so I’m hoping Target carries the same pattern this year so I can get a few more pieces that match.

A set of two hi-top deck chairs.  Love these!  Now, we just need to get the sealer on the deck so we can use them.  For now they’re on the front porch.


A church pew!   Finally!   I have wanted a church pew since I don’t know when.  This was a nice small (4 foot) one in really good shape.  I’m not real sure where I’m going to put it yet but love it just the same and the price was right!  But now I’m thinking of painting it black, then antiquing it to make it look worn.  What do you think?  Leave it alone or paint it black?

IMG_3527  and last but not least this great little table and chair set.  I’ve wanted something for in the guest room for folks to sit at to write or use a computer and this fits the bill perfectly.  Honestly, this is probably my favorite purchase from the day.  I just love this little table. 


The worst part was with the garage sale being a good drive  away,  I had, of course, driven the car because I really didn’t think I’d be coming  home with anything that wouldn’t fit in the car. 
DH was nice enough to go along back with the truck to help me load everything. 


  1. Great finds...I love the church pew. Is the wood in good shape? If so I'd leave it alone but if the finish is rough I'd paint.

    I bought an antique monk's bench in England and I love it. It sits in my foyer.

    Have a nice weekend! I linked to you in my blog post today : )

  2. That little table is adorable!

    Isn't it fun to buy for girls?!?!?

    Have a great week.

  3. Painted furniture seems to be all the rage right now and so I say paint it... black perhaps, depending on where you want to use the bench. I've always wanted one too! Great buys and I hope that Target carries those plates this year too, but don't count on it with the way retailers are.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. Those boots where the first thing I noticed on my blogger page!!! (I said-please be sz 10, please be sz 10!). I've always had a fondness for cute doc martins ;)

  5. Yes, what a haul! Love the furniture too. I had a pew similar to that once. I finally passed it on, and now I don't remember to who.

    The clothes will be appreciated, I know. I just don't know how any parents can afford to clothe their children with new, when they grow so fast!

    Have a great week!

  6. I love yard sales. I love having them and making money even more! lol.

  7. Girl! You done good! I like that little table too. Looks like a really good garage sale and you got the good stuff!

  8. I love the idea of painting the pew black and distressing it a bit. It would look wonderful!

  9. Whoa!! What a haul is right!! Nice pickings, girl!

    As for me... can I come over and sit in the high-top chair on your deck??? Sounds delightful!! :)