Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do you know what blessed is???

Do you know what blessed is????


making it home with the motorcycle FIVE minutes before this little lovely cut loose Sunday evening.

IMG_3473 The wind was just picking up as I took the picture.  Notice the tree is starting to list to the right just a tad.  Wind, lightning, rain and motorcycles are not a good mix.

so, yeah, that’s what blessed is!


  1. I'm so glad you didn't get caught out in that!

  2. Exactly! We went and got our motorcycle and trailer out of storage Sunday afternoon. It was cloudy when we left. It was dark all around us all the way home (an hour's drive). I was following Louie in the car. We never saw a drop, but we saw lightning all the way home. Louie said something like 'God protects the stupid!" Oh well, we praised God and got inside. Within a short time, it was POURING POURING POURING. We have ridden in driving rain before, but we prefer not to. Yes, it sounds like we were both blessed! God is like that!

  3. I was totally shocked to see clouds rolling in Sunday night...I thought Monday was supposed to be the yucky day!

    Glad you made it in time---love Michelle's comment---God protects the stupid (could be my life quote!)

  4. Yikes! Those storm clouds look as if they are packed with trouble. Hope no damage was done and soooo glad you made it home before the heavy winds hit.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Ack!! I wasn't thinking you were out on your bike!! >shiver!!<

    Did you get much rain out of it? We had scenes like that out our windows but nary a drop was dripped.

  6. We've been "blessed" many times! Glad you made it home safe!