Thursday, May 6, 2010

Because of..

Because of this little gem
I was greeted by this when I came home from work tonight.  ARGH!
I love hanging laundry outside but am usually selective as to what I hang out.  I never hang towels out.  They dry too hard and I never hang underwear and socks out, too many little pieces to deal with. 
However, this week I’ve not been able to pick and choose. The igniter went out on our dryer, so I’ve been loading this little baby up!  Two days ago, it extremely windy here so it picked up the whole thing loaded with clothes and took off with it.
Today, the shear weight of the laundry must have made it collapse.  Do you know how hard it is take clothes off the line when it’s all tangled up like this???
Our dryer part came today.  Hopefully DH can get it put in tomorrow and we’ll be back to laundry as normal at this household.

UPDATE:  Friday morning - our dryer is once again humming along and heating as it should just in time as it's a rainy day in good ol' northwest Illinois.  A big thanks to my handyman husband who can fix anything without calling a repairman.  Love you baby!


  1. Makes you appreciate what our mothers/grandmothers had to deal with ! Hope your dryer is feeling better soon!

  2. Oh you poor thing. On the upside, clothing hung outdoors smells soooo nice, well, except when they end up on the ground due to a broken clothesline. :-(

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. The washer and dryer are two things I feel I must have. I can only imagine how glad you are to have that little part!

  4. Wow needs wind when you have 3 little boys who like to hang from the ropes of their laundry forest! (I like to put my line clothes in the dryer for like 20 min with a softener sheet...great towels every time!)

  5. I do the same thing with towels as Shelly. Then, it doesn't cost nearly as much to run the dryer and they are so quick to put on the line. I don't do little pieces either. Mostly just sheets.

  6. I no longer have a dryer. When mine died about two years ago and I started doing research on what I should replace it with, I wanted something that was Energy Star or environmentally friendly, I did not find anything that meet my needs.

    I now use clothes drying racks and I love them. I had to change a couple habits but I now have dry clothes that are never wrinkled from being left in the dryer. My house is much less likely to have a fire since dryers are one of the leading causes of house fires AND I am saving between 6-10% on my utility bill every month. PLUS here is the really great part. My kids may inherit an earth that is just a little less polluted since I took the extra time to air dry.