Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday question of the day

Monday question of the day....

What household chore, if money was no object, would you hire out?  

After washing windows and mini-blinds most of the day on Saturday, I decided that would be what I would love to hire out.  

Anyone know of a good window washer?


  1. Windows! My dog likes to put her nose on the ones across the front of the house. Lovely.

    In the UK nearly everyone uses window washers on a regular basis so its actually not expensive to do. I had someone come to my house every 6-8 weeks and I paid him the equiv of about $50. And I had lots and lots of windows.

  2. My dad enjoys that job actually!! I have the moppy part & the squeegee from The Cleaning Center. It has a long pole and I can do all my outside windows in about 20 minutes. :) Which makes me wonder why I don't do them more often... (Of course, I don't have an upstairs either.)

    Then I use Amazing General Cleaner in a bucket. No streaks and I can do it on a sunny day, too!!

    I would like someone to mop my linoleum on a regular basis!!

  3. All of it?!? Mopping is probably my least favorite, but windows would be right up there too...a bird always bombs my freshly cleaned outside windows and my big lug dogs or grimy handed kids smear the windows with a vengence!

  4. I have two that I would hire out.

    Clean the bathrooms and kitchen top to bottom. Especially the floors of these rooms.


  5. Definitely windows, I am old and cannot do windows any more, so I need someone to do them, most do not do windows, and so hate dirty windows I cannot see out of. Hugs and really like your blog, Barbara

  6. There isn't any of it I wouldn't give up in a flash! What I could do if I didn't keep having to redo!
    I'd go back to school; travel; take up hobbies; get another ministry! I'd wear myself out on fun stuff!