Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Saturday today

We’ve had a busy last couple of days and today was no exception.

I woke up early, really early, I couldn’t sleep so started on cleaning the house. 
DH was awake not very long after me and was out powerwashing the deck before the sun hit it to get it ready for sealing.
We (DH & I) drove 40 miles to a garage sale where I bought a few pieces of furniture( pictures coming soon) on Thursday but had the car so we had to go back after everything with the truck today and bought a little more.
Went to look at a toy hauler while we were over that way.
Went to our local motorcycle dealers open house to try out a few bikes.  We’re looking for one for me but can’t quite decide what to get yet.
Came home, finished cleaning and baked some cookies.
Made a little supper and DH left for a meeting at church.
I retreated to my sewing room to make new curtains for said room.  Love the way they turned out (pictures to come)
Folded laundry(lots of it).  Amazingly enough, baskets of laundry that have been sitting for two days don’t automatically fold themselves.  Wow, how I wish that was possible.
And now it’s midnight and I’m on the computer.  Why am I on the computer at midnight you may ask?  Not sure, I guess I haven’t quite wound down yet.

And what does tomorrow hold?

90 degrees, sunshine, church and a motorcycle ride.  Can’t wait!


  1. Wow, that was a busy day...I worked outside and cleaned my oven and helped hubby on the porch he is building. I keep him busy with honey do
    have a blessed Sunday..
    glenda@Serendipity cottage

  2. Hi Lori,
    Sounds like a productive day! Also sounds like you and DH work together on projects. That is nice. And yes, sorry to say, laundry doesn't do itself! Can you image the invention where it does?!!! Atleast we are not slaves to ironing like in the past. Funny how ironing our fabric in sewing is different than ironing clothes! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! God Bless you and DH~

  3. Oh, Lord, I know those days! I found myself up this morning at 5am. (????) Looks like my morning will be a little bit like that. Louie HAS to mow the lawn this morning before ANYONE gets to play. I'm working on laundry (and washing and ripping some Goodwill sheets. Louie is still in bed.

    We rode yesterday, my arms got fried, so now I have my official 'farmer tan', and we're going to ride again today too. With God's beauty, and sunny skies, how can we go wrong?

    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  4. What a great day for a ride! Maybe we'll see you at church (Jim finished my garden boxes so I have a ton of planting to do afterwards!). You should get the spider (or is it spyder)'d rock it!

  5. Sounds like a nice day and very productive hubs is in travel mode so our weekend was essentially one day-Saturday. He left for China at the crack of dawn today. We did get a few things done in the yard yesterday and went to a movie and grilled out-tried to cram a whole weekend into a day and were more or less successful.

    Enjoy your Sunday and your ride...looks like a gray rainy day here so I think I'll tackle my scrapbooking backlog later.

  6. I'm tired just reading all that you have done! You are so productive! I feel lazy - sleeping in and playing with grandchildren all day!

  7. Our dogs woke me way too early yesterday and so life required that I take a very long afternoon nap to catch up on the lost zzzzz's.

    Laundry? Yep. Did a bit of that yesterday too. It's such a vicious cycle, isn't it? LOL

    The Blue RIdge Gal

  8. It's funny how we get spurts of energy like that and just go and go and go. If you could invent a laundry folder you'd be an automatic billionaire! blessings, marlene

  9. Your Sunday sounds wonderful! It's already 81 here at 9:15 AM.
    Good luck on your new purchases. And I can't wait to see your previous purchases of rummage sales!