Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sure does a mama's heart good

The weekend after Thanksgiving, my daughter-in-law, Heidi suggested we have a cookie baking day.  Of course, I said sure right away but then had a few second thoughts remembering how much work it was.  However, I wrote it on the calendar and we know if it's on the calendar, it's not negotiable, right?

When the boys were young, baking and decorating sugar cookies was a yearly tradition but as they got older, I ended up doing most of the rolling, cutting, baking, frosting and decorating myself as they had most definitely lost interest.  Work, cars and girls seemed to take priority over baking with Mom.  Go figure!

I finally gave it up as well because
a) it was a whole lotta work to do alone
c) DH doesn't like sugar cookies
b) because I couldn't stay out of them myself - there's not much better than a frosted sugar cookie, especially if they've been frozen
c) I gave up sweets few years back
d) again, all I could remember was the work!

A tad of  a "poor me" attitude, you say?  Yeah, pretty much!

As it turned out though....sometimes the things we "think" we don't want to do the most turn out to be the biggest blessing of them all, don't they? 

We had a wonderful day together!  I really did very little other than mix the cookie dough and frosting.  I got to watch and enjoy!

Heidi and the grandkids came, DIL Laurie helped until she & Luke had to leave late morning, Soon-to-be DIL Kristen helped and even Joe, Jon and their friend Steve got in on the act.  It was so much fun watching our grown boys, DIL's and the grandkids decorate cookies.  I did feel a little sorry for Steve.  I highly doubt that he thought he would be doing that when he stopped over to see the boys but he was a great sport and seemed to have fun with it anyway.

It was a day that sure gave this mama's heart a much needed boost. 
Thank you Heidi for suggesting it.  You're the best!


  1. You are so right...heart-filling moments come when we least expect them sometimes. :) I liked seeing the photos, too.

  2. I'm glad it was so much fun; I feel the same way about it you did.
    My neighbors wife left him last year and he has two grade-school kids. He called and asked if he bought the stuff, would we be willing to make cookies with his kids. Is that sad or what? Yes! We will make the cookies and you don't have to send anything. Last year we had them over to dip pretzels, oreos and that sort of stuff. We had a lot of fun and made some memories. They're very nice kids. More than I can say for their momma!

  3. What fun! I love seeing your pictures and you must just beam to see the men so intent on decorating.

    Well, if you have any beaming bits left after you beam at those grandkids. :)

    Beautiful post & fam!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. My favorite picture is of your granddaugher. Oh, that smile and those beautiful eyes!

    What a blessing that day was for you!
    Be blessed,

  5. I never bake Christmas cookies anymore. BUT, my daughter does and usually mails us a few. Oh, and today Hubby made his annual batch of homemade fudge. BUT, he takes most of it to the office so, out of sight, out of mind. (key word being 'most')

    The Blue Ridge Gal

    (Miss decorating them though cuz that's the fun part of Christmas)

  6. Looks like it was fun! Mack is coming Wednesday afternoon for our annual baking day. He is bringing both parents and his new brother. I know it will be a mess but it is worth it for the fun and the memories. We started this when his mom needed a lift a couple of years ago and I am so glad everyone wants to continue it.

  7. Nothing like good ol' cookie baking! Even though my cookies end up looking horribly disfigured by the time I get finished "decorating" them, it's still fun! lol