Monday, December 7, 2009

Rude awakening

Woke to the sound of a snowplow this morning.  Ugh! 

Winter appears to be here with a couple of inches overnight and a blizzard forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  double ugh!


  1. Oh Lori!!! I haven't even looked outside yet :( I think I'm going to go pull some covers up over my head!

  2. We got a light dusting last night. I just heard about the coming snow. I can remember when that used to excite me! But, it's water. I was reading this morning in Deut. about God's curse to those who turned against Him; that He would dry up their land. In view of our nation's apostasy,I'm just thankful we still have water!

  3. We had a gorgeous snowfall on Saturday but it almost melted entirely away on Sunday. Sure was pretty to watch it fall though.

    Daughter lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa and says they have more on the way as well... I'm sure the grandkids will LOVE IT!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. I agree with you - double ugh!! :(

  5. hubby was glad to hear the snowplows this morning. He has a new tractor and blade. You poor folks are in the heavy snow area for Wed. I'm staying home here in my 6 inch area. LOL