Monday, December 7, 2009

Midwest Muscle Car Review

Now, doesn't a title like that just scream testesterone?  

Lots and lots of chrome!

Our son, Joe works in a body shop that specializes in muscle and classic cars. They entered a few of these cars in the Midwest Muscle Car Review & Corvette Nationals show in Rosemont, a Chicago burb. We hemhawed around a bit about going as driving in to "the city" is not one of our favorite things to do. If we go to "the city" we usually take the commuter train, so virtually no stress. Well, the commuter train didn't go to where we needed to be so toll money in hand and nerves of steel in place off we went and were really glad we did.

Joe painted both of these cars but I forget which one got which points.  Aren't I a great Mom to not remember that?

The car show runs on a point system with 999 being the highest points possible.  999 is rarely awarded as the judges usually find something wrong with the car, i.e. a speck of dust in the paint, a fingerprint.  Yup, I said a fingerprint.  Let me tell you, it's a whole other world in the car show circuit.  My car that is full of salt spray and hasn't been vacuumed in months wouldn't quite cut the mustard so to speak.

Joe was awarded a 993, 997 & a 999 for the cars he painted!  The owner of the 999 point car said there are guys at the show that have been in the business many years and never achieved a 999 so it is quite an honor for Joe.  We were excited for him and the car is gorgeous!  This car, a 1970 Chevelle has been in process for almost 5 years.   It was a complete frame-off restoration. 

The "perfect" car
This Chevelle also won the "Emerald Award" which is the top award for a car that's being shown for the first time.

Joe and the car owner, Chuck

Thanks for allowing me bragging rights for a few minutes.  We were just so excited for him.

Sorry for the pictures not being lined up.  Blogger is not cooperating at all.


  1. I would have enjoyed viewing all those beautiful cars too. I can well imagine your pride at your son's achievements. He's come a long way from shoe-tieing hasn't he? Congrats.

  2. Oh yeah, you have bragging rights! Stunning work!! Wow!!

    Congratulations Joe!

  3. Brag on! You have the right to be proud, and .....Congratulations Joe!

  4. oooh, a '70 Chevelle!! What memories that evokes from my high school days... and the paint is prettier than any I have ever seen. Great job!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. I'm not a car person but those are simply gorgeous! Congrats to your handsome son. :) blessings, marlene (oh and the owner too but he's not as handsome)