Wednesday, December 9, 2009

and so Winter begins....

We had a skiff of snow on the ground yesterday morning with  much more forecasted last night and today.

The time has come where I have to warm up the car before I leave for work in the morning.

The view from the parking lot at work yesterday morning.

The college was closed due to the weather today so I got a SNOW DAY, bonus day!  Oh how I love a good old fashioned snow day!

This is what our deck looked like at 6 am this morning.

At 9am we had almost 11" on the deck and it snowed hard for a couple of hours after that yet, so I'm guessing we probably have had close to 13" by now.  Frankly, I didn't go back out and measure again.  I'm kind of preferring my nice warm house to the great outdoors today.

 Now the winds are kicking in. Oh yea! It sure looks like winter is here! :(

I hope your staying warm and dry whereever you are!


  1. The entire state of Alabama would shut down for 3 weeks with that much snow. I know, because it happened in the "Blizzard of 93". We got 17 inches! We almost didn't make it! lol

  2. We have a dusting here in middle Missouri. I had to go help my DIL out at 7:30 (she had gallbladder surgery monday) there was slick ice, wrecks. It took me 15 minutes to go the 2 miles.
    Keep warm.

  3. Time to keep the pantry stocked a bit fuller and tuck the blankets in a little tighter at night!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. Looks pretty but I don't miss that kind of snow at all! We used to live in Wisconsin, enuf said!
    Hope you're staying warm and enjoying your snow day!

  5. I think a snow day sounds just wonderful!

  6. Oh, it's beautiful. Just lovely, peaceful pictures but I can only imagine how cold it is. Stay warm.