Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's in a name anyway?

I've had a number of nicknames throughout my life.

As a small child, I was George to a friend of my mothers and Pete to a cousin. Of course, that meant when I had my first child, he was Re-Pete. The names stuck even into adulthood if I would see these people.

In high school, I had a couple of nicknames I wasn't particularly fond of. My last name was Gesin (pronounced Geese-in), so of course, I was Goose or Honkers. But never let them see you sweat right? I figured if I made a big deal out of it, they would even use them more. So ignore it I did and soon those names were in the past. It probably didn't hurt that I married a Miller. :)

My husband did business with a man that for the life of him could never remember Lori, so I've always been Louie to him. How he could remember Louie and not Lori is beyond me.

From one of the first days in the division where I work, I've been called Loretta by one of the instructors. He's a sweet old guy so it didn't bother me much. Today, there was even a student in the hallway who was looking for Loretta. I knew right away who sent him up to the office and who he was looking for.

This summer, another instructor and I who were typically first in the building everyday took to calling each other Sam(me) and Ralph(him). "Good morning Sam, good morning Ralph." Remember the old cartoon with the sheepdogs punching in and out at the time clock?

I feel most of the time nicknames are a term of endearment so they don't really bother me. I don't offend easily either which probably helps. I figure if I dish it out I better darn well be able to take it. And I can dish it out with the best of them.

As the old saying can call me anything you want but please don't call me late for dinner. How about you? Do you have any nicknames?


  1. Oh my goodness! I love the sheep dog cartoon...Bugs Bunny?

  2. You know my brothers always called me Weiner (Weenie rhymes with Jeanne). They gave it up finally but not until they passed it to the next generation. So I am Aunt Weiner or Great Aunt Weiner. Not really a problem. But a few weeks ago, the Greats nicknamed Ray - Uncle Weiner. I love it!

  3. The sheepdog cartoons were my favorite!! Before I got married (I also married a Miller! Thank Goodness, haha) my last name was Gilmer, so nobody could ever get my last name right. Glimmer, Gilmore, "Happy Gilmore", I've even been called Gizmo. Miller is a lot easier!

  4. Nicknames? Not so much...except for my brother and a cousin who couldn't pronounce Marlene so it was shortened to Marnie. They both still call me that. Nicknames are a term of endearment...right? blessings, marlene

  5. It's funny how somewhere in our lifetime we get a nickname whether we like it or not.When Scott(Scooter) & I were dating I called him "Gorky"(that's what he got called in the Army) & he called me "Ralph",not really sure how that came about. A girl we've known since she was little,she's now in her 30's, had her first child, a boy, they named him Graham.Nice strong name, but the first thing I thought of was "what can that be shortened to?" hmmm a nickname when he gets into school will certainly be "Graham Cracker" or "Cracker". poor thing. Guess that will definately make him stronger!

  6. I was called Punkin by my parents and all the relatives forever. I even wrote the name on my papers at school.
    I have a first AND last name that you have to spell AND pronounce. Life's too short to get upset over a mis-pronouncation.

  7. I really never had a nickname and when I was younger, I thought that was because nobody liked me. What we put ourselves through when we are young. Some of those old hurts never really leave the recesses of our mind, now that I think of it.