Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Days of R & R

Day Two…

You just couldn’t wait to see where we went next could ya??

We were attending a wedding on Saturday in Dubuque so we opted to stay overnight in Independence, Iowa.  We had some time to kill the next morning and visited a neat little museum next to our hotel called Heartland Acres Agribition Center displaying past agricultural practices as well as cars and other antiques. 

Agribition Center (13)

Watching the storm brew in the distance. 
Agribition Center (5)
Cowch cropped

They even had a real “Cow-ch” 
Agribition Center (4) Brother Tom & Sister-in-law Sue

Agribition Center (15)
My favorite though was the farm kitchen pictured above.  
If you get through there and have an opportunity, it’s a nice tour at a very reasonable price.

On to the wedding we go…the reception was held in the Grand Ballroom at the Julien Inn.  Very elegant.  The Julien is a very old hotel that just went through a major renovation, but they were careful to keep the historic feel of the old hotel.  I would love to return for an overnight sometime.  But of course, I didn’t take one picture of the hotel itself.  I was too busy taking pics of the grandkids, I guess…
Schoeny wedding 8-8-09 (6)Don’t Owen’s baby blue eyes just make you melt?  even with the crumbs on his chin. :)Schoeny wedding 8-8-09 (7) Miss Ava thought she was pretty important drinking champagne (white grape juice) like all the big people.  By the strange looks we were getting from the table next to us, I think they really thought we gave the kid champagne.
Schoeny wedding 8-8-09 and a portrait of the “Miller Women” – myself, daughter-in-law Heidi and granddaughter Ava.

Sunday we had a baptism celebration at church and Monday it was back to reality again.  I hate it when reality rears it’s ugly head, don’t you?  

Faculty come back to campus this week and classes start on Monday.  So much for the peace and quiet of the summer schedule.  Let the chaos begin!


  1. Aw... beautiful Miller women! :) You have very cute grandchildren. :))

  2. Adorable grandkids! And cute picture of the "Miller Women" too!