Monday, July 13, 2009

Last nights sky

Yesterday, I think we spent more time on the bike than we did off of it.  The sky as we were riding over to our son’s for supper was gorgeous.



Here are a few other typical rural Midwestern pictures from yesterday.

7-10-09 (4)

7-10-09 (8) 

7-10-09 (25)


And the three above pictures exist to take care of this.

7-10-09 (30)


  1. I was just thinking about how much I love corn fields....right now they're just so green and full, the way they move with the wind...thank God I'm a country girl!!!

  2. I love the pictures on your blog. I consider your area home and "God's country" I meant to ask when you were talking about your church and it's meal a bit ago, Do you know Huey Meier? I believe he goes there. I grew up with him and his ex wife in church and school.

    Thanks for the great pictures and hope all is going well with you

  3. Check out the light rays in your first picture. Spectacular! Great job! Love all your pictures.

  4. There's not much better than the sound of rustling corn leaves.