Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Storm Damage

We took a drive last night with friends to take a look at damage to area crops from the big honkin’ hail(tennis ball size in areas)  we received Friday night.  We were spared here at the home, just receiving monsoon-like rains.  Can you say water in the basement?

Warnings were issued for us for large hail as well but thankfully only a small pebbles fell.

As close as 15 miles away though there was pretty extensive damage that will drastically affect the yields. 

It has been such a goofy, cool, wet summer and now the gi-normous hail. 

JUly 27 09 (2)

JUly 27 09 (22)

It sure did a number on this soybean field. 

JUly 27 09 (21)

JUly 27 09 (24)

See how the leaves on the corn are shredded.

JUly 27 09 (23)

Just doin’ what the sign says…
JUly 27 09 (5)

Don’t you always do what you’re told???
Sorry, I just couldn’t resist throwing that in.  :)



  1. Wow...we had rain and winds too, but I guess I didn't realize how bad it was. I noticed on Sunday there were tree limbs down all over town, but who would have guessed it was that bad....oh yea, Friday night I was sitting in my front porch rocking chair listening to my ipod during the storm.

    ...and I'll bet Dan is just thrilled that you threw that photo in! Hee hee!!! What is it with Dan and signs anyway? Remember that ride we took last fall and all his silly poses and expressions by the DO NOT ENTER--RESTRICTED AREA sign? (Not that WE were any part of it! tee hee!)
    be blessed,

  2. silly Dan and the road sign were in WI, but were the crops also. Can you say crop insurance. This has been the strangest year so far. I hope we get some degree days soon for the sad looking fields, but not til Sunday. I really don't want to sweat at my dd's wedding. There is enough stress without that.

  3. We have rain forecasted for the next 4 days. Cloudy outdoors as I am typing this. Sure makes for ugly outdoor photography.

    Love the pee pee photo... hee hee

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. Dan's gonna' KILL you! blessings, marlene

  5. I definitely understand what storms can do.

    Love the PP sign...yeah, gotta do what we're told!

  6. So sorry about the hail damage.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog and loved your entries and your photos.