Sunday, July 12, 2009

A few scenes from our ride today

We rode up to our church’s JoDaviess County campus in Galena for church this morning.  Any ride through the JoDaviess County hills is beautiful so I took my camera along telling my husband that I was going to take a lot of pictures.    All but the last couple of these shots were taken from a moving motorcycle because “you certainly don’t need to stop to take pictures do you??”  For a 55mph drive-by they didn’t turn out too bad.

Here are just a few. . .

7-10-09 (40) 7-10-09 (9) 7-10-09 (17) 7-10-09 (19) 7-10-09 (3) 7-10-09 (42) It looks like someone was doing a little drive-by target practice on this guardrail, wouldn’t you say?  The flowers growing out of it were gorgeous.


  1. Gorgeous photographs!! We shall now name you, 'The Phifty-Phive mph Photographer'!

    I bet your ride was wonderful!
    be blessed,

  2. We only biked once in Galena...jim took me into the residential area...thought for sure we'd fall like the crazy hill climbers he made me watch!

  3. It's amazing sometimes how good little digital cameras work on the back of the bike! I usually have the strap of mine wrapped around my hand on trips - just in case!
    Our daughter went to UWPlatteville and we used to drive down to Galena occasionally when we would visit. Neat town and pretty area!

  4. Well done and at high speed!

  5. I agree, beautiful! I just love the rolling green hills. You took some great photos on the back of that motorcycle!