Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day happenings

Years back when our children were young, Memorial Day weekend was always the start of camping season for us.  It was typically our family and two other families.  We would pack up our tents, sleeping bags, coolers full of food, bicycles, the kids friends and head out.  

Many Memorial Day weekends here in the Midwest seem to be rainy; part of if not all of it.  We camped many of those rainy weekends or even worse those cold and rainy weekends.  One year in particular I remember it getting down to 34 degrees at night.  Brrrr.  It never failed, the years we couldn't go for some reason, it would be a beautiful weekend.  In fact we used to joke that the reason it was beautiful was because we weren't camping.

This year was no exception.  It was a beautiful weekend (because we weren't camping). It was a little rainy on Monday but not enough to be concerned about.

We don't camp much anymore and certainly weren't this year with the ol' bum foot.  To be honest, I was a little sad going into the weekend thinking about being cooped up in the house and missing and remembering all those old camping trips.

However, I had some visitors and was able to get out a few times.  On Friday afternoon, daughter-in-law Heidi and little Miss E stopped by for a few minutes, then my friend, Lisa came and kidnapped me to take me for ice cream.  Seriously, it was a kidnapping, I swear.  Of course, I went willingly kicking and screaming. ;)

I was able to get outside a bit on my knee walker and make a round or two.  We made it to church Sunday morning and DH made a wonderful Sunday dinner of smoked chicken, green beans, sweet potatoes and salad with fresh blueberries.

We have been abundantly blessed with family and friends bringing meals for us so DH doesn't have to since I can't be up cooking.  This was really only the second time since surgery that DH needed to prepare a meal and he did an amazing job!  Ya, I think I'll keep him. :)

Sunday night we were invited to my cousin's home for a bonfire.  Nothing fancy just come and sit around the fire type of thing.  We rigged up my lawnchair and used my scooter to prop my foot up so I was able to enjoy life outside of these four walls.  Such a nice relaxing evening. I totally spaced taking any pictures of the evening.

Yesterday, our son and daughter-in-law, Joe & Kristen came for breakfast.  They live 2 hours from us so we don't seem very often and is nice when we can.  They are expecting their first child late August so it was doubly nice to see K's baby belly which we hadn't seen yet.

And last night to finish off the weekend, our neighbors called and invited us to come sit on the deck by their pond and enjoy a glass of wine.  Such a peaceful spot, listening to the frogs croak and the owls hoot. I was very content to sit, relax and listen to nature (note the purple cast at the bottom of the picture).

All in all, the weekend turned out much better than I had expected.  Isn't that usually how it goes?Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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  1. I'm so behind in my reading I missed your foot surgery. I hope you're recovering well. The cast at least is a pretty shade of purple : ) I too can only handle being waited on for so long, and then I need my independence. You are so right though in the way God uses these situations to teach us so much. I had surgery on my hand years ago, and was essentially unable to use my right hand at all for about four months. It was humblling! I've never forgotten the experience either and am surprised how often something brings it to mind. Take care, and take the time you need.