Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally MORE Finishes!

It’s been a bit quiet on the quilting front around here.  I’ve have a bunch of projects in the works but didn’t have anything finished to show you.  I’m finally to the publishing point!

When we were at the Madison Quilt Expo, I found this cute pumpkin table runner pattern.  I needed something different for our table as what we’ve had the last few years has seen it’s better days.  Then I decided that there were a couple of special women in my life that needed one as well, so these were created assembly line style. Smile

The pattern called for a patchwork pieced background but I think I’m just as please to keep it solid.

I found this whirligig pattern a couple of months ago at a wonderful little quilt shop in Belleville, Wisconsin (see this post). 


The colors are a bit deeper than the pictures shows.  I thought I waited long enough into the evening for a bit less brightness.  Guess not,Sad smile but you get the idea.


The pattern used prairie points for the whirligig blades giving it a dimensional effect and I loved the idea of the buttons in the middle! 

And to give credit where credit it due, the beautiful quilting was done by Mrs. So & So.

I have one more finish that I can’t show you as the intendeds haven’t received their gift yet.  On the chance that they read this or their mom does (yes, this means you, Sandy Smile), I’m waiting to post the picture.

I have a number of other projects either started or planned but most of those you won’t see posts on for a long time as I’m working on Christmas presents now.  Only 81 more days til Christmas you know!  ugh!


  1. Lori I was looking for a fall table runner to make and I think this will be it! I need to do a demo for my quilt group that's not too complicated and I can simplify the pumpkin a bit so that our new quilters can make it too. Thanks! blessings, marlene

  2. I love the dimension of the whirligigs! Great idea! Happy Quilting! ~Jeanne

  3. Love your table runners...and your quilt! Good job to Mrs. So and So for the quilting too!

  4. cute!!!! You and Mrs. So and So are amazing ;)

  5. Wow. I think you have done a lot!!!!