Sunday, August 21, 2011

New favorite quilt shop

DH went with me to Madison last week for some not so very fun tests.  He was “my driver”.  After my tests were done, a meal was top on my list of things to be doing as I hadn’t eaten anything since noon the day before.  We stopped at a little café in the small town of Belleville, just south of Madison for some lunch.

Ironically, just across the street was this wonderful quilt shop.


I really wanted to show DH the building as it’s a converted old store with wood floors and the big front display windows.  They’ve done a beautiful job with restoring it and keeping the old charm.  I had been in the store one time prior during a Madison trip earlier this month and was more than eager to stop in again.  The owner and her employees are extremely friendly and helpful. She has a great selection of fabric and some adorable patterns.  This might just become a regular stop.  Since early August, I’m 2 for 2!


  1. I remember going to Belleville as a little girl. My grandmother lived in a trailer behind a gas station there. I reember it was on the road to the air force base.
    thanks for the renewing the memory!
    Sounds like a nice quilt shop!

  2. Ah, no wonder I had never heard of Belleville. It's off 151. I have been in Verona, but that's about as 'off' 151 as I have been. Looks like a nice shop. Hope everything is ok.

  3. I just love the fact that just so happened to be a quilt store right there across from the restaurant. Hope you are doing ok.

  4. Cool! I hear a road trip coming on!!!!