Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another finish

I can finally show you this finish as the recipients now have their gift.  I put together this Twister table runner for my nephew and his wife who were married Easter weekend.


Twisters are so much fun to make.  I used fabrics from a charm pack of Fossil Ferns  on this one.  I’m really pleased with how the bright colors turned out. 

I’ve never been in their home as they don’t live close to us so am hoping it works out well for them. 

Congratulations to Jason & Mary!


  1. Love it! I'm sure the newlyweds will too!

  2. I love it! The colors really pop against that dark border. Did you machine quilt it? ~Jeanne

  3. That is so pretty! Who wouldnt love that? If it doesn't go in their house you can send it on over to me : )

  4. That has a beautiful amish look to it (black background I guess) Colors really pop! If it doesn't work for them you may send it here. :D

  5. Sew pretty! I have the patterns and templates for both large and small sizes, but have not used them yet. (Just collecting with all my other quilt stuff I have collected). Great job. I know they loved them! How could they NOT?

  6. That looks So pretty. Amazing-looking blog you have here!