Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 30th Luke!

30 years ago today at 7:10pm, our life was radically changed by welcoming into this world an adorable “big boy” at 8 lbs 10-1/2 ounces and 23-1/2” long our first son, Lucas Daniel.scan0006


Luke was such a sweet, funny kid and still is.  Why is it that no matter how old your children get they’re still your “kids”? 

He’s going through an unexpected rough patch right now but is handling it like a true gentleman.  

Luke is such a good hearted, hard working, kind man.  We’re so proud of what he has accomplished in his first 30 years but more importantly we’re incredibly proud of who he is and excited for what is yet to come for him.

His work has finally slowed down enough, he was able to come home this weekend so we celebrated with a birthday dinner yesterday.  His brothers and families were here and we even had a surprise visit from an old high school friend of Luke’s.  [Curtis smelled lunch cooking, I’m sure of it! Smile]  What a great day!

Happy 30th birthday Luke!

DSC00279 - Copy

We love you tons!


  1. And Happy Birthday to your beautiful bouncing baby boy.It's been our experience that the rough roads make the smooth ones seem so much more pleasant. Keeping your family in my prayers.

  2. Our "little" boy just celebrated his 30th birthday too. Time sure does fly doesn't it? You son looks like a fine young man and I hope this will be a wonderful decade for him!

  3. Happy Birthday to your first baby boy. He's a handsome man!