Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day weekend craziness – Part I

I’ve been meaning to get this posted since last weekend but time has once again run away from me.

Our niece, Amanda, was married on September 4th to a young man she met through one of our New Orleans mission trips.  The fun fact of all of this for me is Josh is the son of an old friend of mine from high school church youth group.  How cool is that?


Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the bride & groom from the front.  We were host and hostess and spent most of the time running around doing other stuff but I was able to get a picture or two of our grandson and granddaughter who were ring bearer and one of the two flower girls.  Our great niece Madison was the other flower girl.  They were all so adorable!  This picture is my favorite.  Ava was so pretty in her “princess” dress and Owen looked way more handsome than a two year old should be allowed to.  They melted Grandma & Grandpa’s heart for sure!

Amanda's wedding (16) 


Now for your quiz of the day…
What takes 16 hours to put together, 6 hours to enjoy & 3 hours to tear down? 

A wedding reception silly!

We were also in charge of the reception decorations.  Amanda wanted rustic elegance.  My friend, Judy helped brainstorm ideas.  We used burlap, wheat, rusty stars, lime green tulle (Amanda’s color), sunflowers, mums and farm primitives. IMG_1541Table arrangements

IMG_1553The head table
Amanda's wedding (62)

The entrance doors from the inside.  They were swung open as the guests arrived.



Outside the entrance doors we used old wooden doors to cover the nasty steel ones with milk cans full of sunflowers.

 Amanda's wedding (3)A tribute area to their parents and grandparents.  I love the way the square grapevine wreaths with the pictures in.


We used an old wood steel wheeled wagon for the gifts.  We hung a ladder over top with grapevine and lights.  This was one of my favorite parts of the decorations.

  IMG_1531 An overview of the reception hall

IMG_1532  A television where people could watch a video put together by the bride’s brother with pictures of Josh & Amanda growing up.   IMG_1550 We hung tulle and large lighted grapevines from the ceiling. 


Their cake was beautiful and delicious to boot!

When all was said and done, we had a blast with everything but were majorly tuckered out by Sunday night.  However, our weekend wasn’t quite over yet. 

Stay tuned for Labor Day weekend craziness - Part II coming soon.



  1. It was an awesome day! I was shocked when I stopped in on Sunday at how fast you guys did the tear down---maniacs I tell you, maniacs!!!

  2. Wow! You did a fantastic job! Loved the sunflowers by the door. Everything looked beautiful.

  3. AWesome! Everything was beautiful. Good job!...and OH, yes, your grands are beautiful!

  4. Wow this turned out beautifully! You did an amazing job! I love the family picture display area especially. Congrats to the happy couple...love the connection too...it's a small world!

  5. LOVE IT! You indeed do a great job and I bet everyone was impressed! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

  6. Love seeing your pictures!! Great job on the decor as well. :)

  7. Wow can I hire you ou? Will you travel to Oklahoma? will you bring props?
    What a beautiful day you helped them with.

  8. This is gorgeous!!! Yes there sure is a lot of work in doing a wedding. I had a good friend that helped me with my daughters last Christmas. Congrats to the couple.