Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer helmet-cam

Here’s a little “helmet-cam” for you from our motorcycle ride tonight.  And before you go thinking we actually have a fancy helmet camera…I steady my little point and shoot on DH’s helmet.  We’ve come to refer to it as our “helmet-cam.”

75 miles later here’s what we saw… IMG_3794 IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3804 A little something to make you dizzy.  :)

We got just a little wet.  At least it was warm and not cold and wet.

IMG_3823  IMG_3813IMG_3822  I think the cows thought we were crazy.  I’m not sure if it was the fact that we were taking their picture or mooing at them.  Don’t tell me you’ve never mooed at cows along the road before?!?  It must be a Midwest thing.  ;)



  1. Lovely pictures. At least when you put the camera on Dan's helmet, you can still see what you are taking pictures of. Me? If I did that, it would have to be 'surprise' photography. All I can see is the back of Louie's helmet. Looks nice you had a nice ride...and yes, we have mooed at cows too.

    Have a great week!

  2. I grew up mooing at cows in Iowa... LOL


  3. I have so moooed at cows. ahaha. Love the "whizzing by" picture. Have a fabulous week. Blessings, SusanD

  4. Great pictures and awesome country road---where were you?!? Love the picture of the dirt road, green ditches and the hill of golden wheat---absolutely beautiful! (and don't cows usually think we're nuts when we stop in the rain to get a pic of them?)

  5. First of all, Lori, your photos should be in a magazine.

    Secondly, we never EVER moo at cows here in New England. Never. Ever. (yeah right we don't!!)

  6. How in the world can you still be steady using your husband? The pictures are great!

  7. fun hubby and I like to ride his motorcycle...yes I have mooed at cows...well I'm from Texas...