Friday, July 2, 2010


2 year old grandson: “vnwoiehfrweivowbvwbvaklc Grandma?”

Grandma: (????? face)

2 year old grandson:  “vnwoiehfrweivowbvwbvaklc Grandma?”

Grandma(hoping to buy time until she figures out what he is saying): “Is that right?”

2 year old grandson(starting to look impatient with Grandma):  “vnwoiehfrweivowbvwbvaklc Grandma?”

Grandma: “Sure honey.”

2 year old grandson (walks away looking very pleased)

Grandma shrugs shoulders having no idea what she just agreed to.  It couldn’t be anything too bad, could it???

Such is the life in a day of babysitting the grands.


  1. He was asking if you could put your sewing machine in neutral so he could push on the foot control and hear it go Vrooom, Vrooom!! (My brother did this all the time when mom would go away. Her sewing machine had a 'knee control' and he was really 'all boy'. He played with toy cars til he drove a real one.)

    Hope you figure it out!

  2. 1st rule in baby-bonics is to Never ok something you don't understand! ;) Sure sweetie, go cut the cat's hair and paint my walls with your diaper..uh huh...anything you want! Have fun with the grands today :)

  3. As a grandmother, it's ok if you agree with everything they want! ;)

  4. I thought you could understand him! LOL!

    Hope you had fun. :) I thought of you... really needed your help shopping... I guess I flunk at choosing clothes... K said to take them all back. "And the blue top... take it back faster!" :\ I dress like a dork! You really had the better day. :)

  5. I've had that exact same conversation many times! blessings, marlene

  6. did it turn out?