Monday, November 2, 2009

Rainbow surprise

DH called me outside late yesterday afternoon to see the rainbow.  Not that a rainbow is such an unusual sight for us but it wasn’t raining nor had it rained all day.

Halloween 09 (7)

Our sermon church this weekend was called “Amazed” and were asked when was the last time God amazed us.   This rainbow really brought it home.  A rainbow and no rain!  Amazing! 

When were you last amazed and totally blown away by God?  Was it something in His world?  Was it an experience or event?  or one of those “God coincidences”?


  1. Cool picture! That IS amazing... however, it did rain at our house on Sunday. Wouldn't ya' figure....

  2. Great pic! I am amazed that God puts up with what He does. I'm glad He is longsuffering. I need a longsuffering God.