Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's all good

Our cosmetology department at the college where I work a very generous caring group of students and teachers. The last couple of years, they devote the month of October to raising funds for Well Woman of Northwest Illinois. The funds sponsor women who can't afford to pay for a mammogram so they can still be screened. They had a basket raffle and "wall of love" all to raise those funds and increase breast cancer awareness.

This year, as an added bonus, one of the instructors I work with agreed that if they raised $400 dollars extra on top of the other fundraisers, they could dye his hair, beard and eyebrows pink with permanent hair color.

Well, guess what?

The money was raised and we have a very pink Jeremy! What a great sport he is! ...and just a tad crazy!

I just can't help but smile and shake my head when I see him walking down the hall towards me.


  1. Oh MY goodness!!! That is one very nice guy!

  2. What a good sport! Did he wear a long red cape and carry a pitchfork when he went trick or treating?

    Bless this guy, for a wonderful cause.