Sunday, November 8, 2009

R & R report

What a great overnight stay we had.  The hotel was beautiful! 

blackstone up shot

It had recently been remodeled and the best way I can describe it is a modern art deco.  Funky with some art deco influences.

blackstone lobby

Look at this carpeting.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be drinking and try and walk on it.

wild carpet me

and if the carpeting in the lobby wasn’t enough for your vertigo, step into the bath in your room.  Check out that wallpaper.  We wanted to color it in like a paint by number but thought better of it. :)


My traveling companions Joyce & Shelly.  Joyce was our navigator and a darn good one at that.
traveling companions

I enjoyed learning (from Joyce) how to navigate the many forms of transportation. 

We rode in from Elburn on Metra (the only way to go – just sayin’…),

then walked 6 blocks up to Millers Pub for lunch,
boarded a CTA bus to our hotel,
took the subway to dinner and back again. 

We used the subway again Saturday morning but I, for one, was extremely glad it was the last time.  Something about barreling down a dark tunnel in a train that’s rocking back and forth and feels like it’s about to launch off the tracks just isn’t my thing. 
(don’t ask me why the above lines are showing up as a link – don’t know what I did and am tired of trying to figure it out)


Before the day was over, we also rode the “el” elevated train.  Surprisingly enough, I liked that  the best.  Weird, since I don’t like heights at all but compared to the subway, it was a wonderful experience.

kale mumsAll over the city were planters filled with mums and flowering kale.  Gorgeous!  This one was in front of the art museum.

skylineWe were blessed with an outstanding weekend for our little adventure with warm temps and bright blue skies.   I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.





  1. Your trip looked wonderful. So glad you got to go.

    Have you tried Windows Live Writer for blogging?

    Have a GREAT week!

  2. Chicago is an amazing city and we're lucky we live so close.

  3. Your trip left from my home town. If you are ever there with time to spare.. or stranded, I'd love a call.

    It looked like a fun weekend. The carpet looked nausea inducing tho. LOL

    Hubby is spending 16 hour days driving grain trucks these days, so the next time I come visit Mom I hope I can email you warning and do a meet up. It won't be this week as I'm doing jury duty.
    But I am surely looking forward to it.

  4. You did the perfect post! :) Thank you for a perfect weekend!!