Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A walk around the yard


IMG_1690 I love these lilies.  They tend to get a little out of control but I just let them do their thing.


IMG_1706Mr. Bee was very busy with the spirea.
I thought it was best to just let him finish.  


The first lightning bug I’ve seen this summer.

IMG_1707 This annual grass is something new this year.  I really like the  spidery heads on it.    Impatiens are another flower I’ve always liked but we have very little shade so I’m limited to where I can plant them.


IMG_1710This corner where the garage meets the house is my absolute favorite spot in the yard.  It has the funky grass, impatiens, neon green sweet potato vine, vinca vine and geraniums plus the old barnboard birdhouse and wheelbarrow.   It just makes me smile to look at it. 

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  1. Beautiful flowers, Lori!

    Mary in Oregon