Saturday, June 20, 2009

Motor Show

How many groceries can a person fit in a Monte Carlo? 

Why, food for 600 of course.  Oh, ye of little faith. 

That was me when I took a look at the carts full of food I purchased at Sam’s Club this morning for our Dad’s Day Motor Show at church tomorrow.    I’m usually a “where there’s a will there’s a way” kind of person but I was definitely a “doubting Lori” this morning.


    It all fit much to my surprise and the wonderment of the Sam’s employee collecting carts from the parking lot.  He kept walking by, looking and just shaking his head.  However, it’s a good thing I was alone since there wasn’t a seat left for anyone to sit in. 

I probably didn’t help the weird looks as I was taking pictures of my load!



If any of you are in the Northern Illinois area and would like a fun day tomorrow….

The show runs from Noon – 3:00pm at Crossroads Community Church (3 miles north of Freeport, IL on Rte 26 North).  They’ll be cars, motorcycles, tractors and all sorts of great food.  We’re grilling pork chop sandwiches, brats & super dogs along with kegged root beer for root beer floats.   It’s free to get in and the food is by donation.   Bring your Dad’s or just yourself and enjoy an inexpensive day out.

Come on over!   If you do come, be sure to stop by the food area and ask for me so I can meet you.


  1. Your car is like Mary Poppins' carpet bag!!! I remember those days of Sams runs for the cafe! As far as the pictures go, nonbloggers just wouldn't be able to appreciate your effort! Not sure if we will make it out there, Jim hasnt slept since Thursday night...he requested sleep as his Dad's Day gift ;)

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  3. Motorcycles and summer, what a perfect combination.