Friday, March 13, 2009

My view for the next few days

It appears as though this is going to be my view for the next few days.
I guess it could be worse than sitting in front of the corn burner looking out my sunroom windows. However, relaxation of this type has never come real easy for me. I'm not typically a sit around kind of gal.

I had some minor surgery on my foot(removal of a Mortons neuroma(sp)) this morning with orders to keep my foot elevated and iced for 36 hours and up as much as possible after that until I see the Dr on Monday. It's sort of crampin' my style but Praise God for the invention of a laptop computer.

One bright spot is I'll sure have plenty of time to catch up on all my blog reading. So, could you bloggers post alot-o-stuff in the next few days??? After all, isn't your job to keep me entertained??? I love lots of pictures by the way. ;)


  1. Check your email Lori. I think I've provided a few things for you to look at, and maybe you might think about making a few of them when you can get your foot control foot back in action.

    Take care! I guess you won't be going to that craft show I heard about in Freeport tomorrow, huh?
    Be blessed!

  2. I have a morton's neuroma on my foot too... it's so miserable and causes me to limp if I walk too much. I'm holding out for surgery as looooong as possible... Hope you heal quickly!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. Take care! Isn't it strange that we all want downtime until it is forced on us! At least you should have sunny skies to look out the windows... Maybe it is time to try some of those online games!

    I hope you don't have much pain.

  4. Oh, ouchie! I'm such a chicken about anything to do with my feet. I hope you have someone around to keep that wonderful fire stoked for you. And bring you coffees or whatever your heart desires. I'm sure your bike will miss you, but, well, maybe it needs a little rest to. :-)
    By the way, your moon photos were so pretty. I went back to look at them again today.
    Hope you mend quickly and with little discomfort!

  5. Hope you are up and around soon!!!

  6. Gosh, at least you had surgery before all the reruns on TV. Take care