Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fifth folder -- Fifth picture

I was checking out The Blue Ridge Gal's blog and she was joining in on a "Fifth Folder/Fifth" Picture post.

Here's what was in mine...

This picture of Kermit is from the 2006 Chicago Thanksgiving Day parade. On Thanksgiving Day 2006, our children were either not making it home or were going to their in-laws families for dinner which left us free for the day. I had just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer 3 weeks prior and felt the need to do something different and out of the ordinary instead of sitting home alone all day and just maybe feeling a little sorry for myself.
Some wonderful friends of ours, Gary & Judy were also going to be without family that day so we decided to take the train into the city for the parade.

Side Note: The train is the only way to travel into Chicago if you ask me!

We had a great morning watching the parade, having lunch at the Park Grille and laughing way, way too much. Memories were made. It was most definitely a trip we won't soon forget.

So, what's your "Fifth Folder/Fifth Picture"???


  1. Tossing some linky love your way!

    *smiles and waves*

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. It sounds like you had the perfect day. I'm glad the thyroid episode is behind you.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Be blessed!

  3. Oh neat picture!! I came over from Blue Ridge's place.

  4. What a neat picture! I've been to Chicago a fw times, usually to a conference or even worse, at the airport for a change of flights. So I've never really seen it, but I'd like to.
    I hope your foot is healing well. I have one of those things too, but so far I've been able to deal with by the kinds of shoes I wear and being careful about standing in one place too long. They certainly can hurt.