Monday, March 23, 2009

First shower in ten days!!!

My first REAL shower without my foot in a garbage bag sealed with electrical tape that is. Stitches came out and bandage came off today. I still have to keep it wrapped with an ACE bandage and wear the stylin' shoe for another week but I can finally take a real long and luxurious shower! It feels soooo goooood! More information than you probably want, but I am just so excited, I can't contain it!


  1. How we appreciate the normal everyday things when we've been deprived! Enjoy!!!

  2. Good to hear you're making progress! ---although I will have to say that it sounded like you were keeping on the go even with the special footgear. Hard to keep a good woman down!

  3. Oh doesn't the first shower feel good. I hope you are pain free too. The footwear isn't that bad, and I hope it gets you sympathy and extra help.

  4. It is funny how we take every day life events for granted, isn't it? I bet you were in there extra long today. So glad you are almost mended.
    Take care my friend,